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We salute you oldskoolers!  



Axes Denied is a Finnish rock band playing oldskool video game music. Band is formed by four members passionate about all kinds of games. Repertoire contains classic songs from e.g. Commodore 64, Amiga, Nintendo and PC. Games such as Great Gianna Sisters, Commando, Outrun, Duke Nukem 3D, Super Mario Brothers, Star Control 2 are part of our set.

Axes Denied plays music from whatever games that have the certain vibe in it. We like to mix different styles and have variety moods going on during our gigs. Live shows are spiced with awesome videos screened on the wall.

Axes Denied have played several times in the world's largest demo-scene event Assembly, Copenhagen Retro Concert and in several clubs and in smaller rock festivals. The club shows and after parties have been energetic events. Axes Denied was voted second in Best Newcomer category for Remix64.com remixer awards in 2005.

We'd love to hear from you, so please contact us via Facebook, YouTube, MySpace or via email info@axesdenied.net.